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Top 3 Web Hosting Companies

Searching for a suitable web host can easily be compared with that of enquiring for an insurance policy; they just obsessed you with the options. You find the random pick as the suitable method to go for the best, and offcourse it is not. However, things can be made simpler by comparing things through certain factors like cost, specs, performance. You just have to find a hosting company that manages to make a perfect balance between the above aspects, and offer a best outcome.

Top Web Hosting Companies

Here we present top three options as of above. Check it out!


Bluehost holds all those attributes to top the line-up. In fact, it is like a must to go with if you are planning to be successful in blogging through WordPress. Since 1996 it has managed to maintain the good reputation intact. Bluehost supports enhanced features like Ruby on Rail, SSH, etc along the conventional ones. You can get start with nice set of features at just $3.95 per month.

You can enjoy free domain for one year, free forum installs, infinite bandwidth, and many other distinguishing sets through Bluehost. The customer support is always best here, and in terms of security they are the most reliable.

For your better assist they have made available with suitable help guides, tutorials, and videos as well. Above all, here they bring for you with mind-blowing advertising deals from well known brands like Google, Facebook, etc to enhance your business.

There is absolutely no secret price involved, and in fact they have the money back guarantee.


HostGator is quite obvious to come after Bluehost. This is one of the finest hosting houses to offer you interesting monthly unlimited plans. Deals can be even more interesting through the help of coupon codes.

Here you can enjoy unlimited hosting plan below five dollars per month (upon annual payment), and within ten dollars per month if you go with monthly pay for the infinite domain hosting plans. Use HostGator promotional codes to avail discount on HostGator hosting.

They involve the best customer service, and one of the easiest control panels. Apart from infinite disk space, bandwidth, you can also enjoy hundred dollars Adwords offer. 99.9% up time guarantee, more than four thousand free templates, and above all, the forty five days money back guarantee make it a perfect option.

Inmotion hosting:

Inmotion hosting involves a huge satisfied user base. It is considered as one of the best alternatives for HostGator hosting. Here you can have about thirty six percent off for dedicated servers. Features like free setup by Managed hosting make it best for anyone to start with. Intel Xeon processing unit, SSD and RAM enhancement always ensure you of the best performance.

They are involved with sponsorship deals with renowned CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc. It is considered one of the finest options for the developers. A 24 x 7 x 365customer support is always available for you to help.

Doesn’t matter you go with shared hosting, or dedicated hosting, performance and satisfaction is pretty sure through the hosting company. They play through enhanced Smart Routing technology and renowned bandwidth centres to ensure 99.9 % uptime consistently.

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How To Start A Web Hosting Company?

With the arrival of the internet technology into the life of people and business world, it has changed the entire way of communication. Business owners or entrepreneurs do seek for website hosting providers that offer managed and cost effective services and solutions. These companies permit them a great and strong presence on the internet, and hence, an enormous audience. If you are interested in starting your own web hosting company, then you must realize various things before getting started with it. Look at below mentioned important things to know:

web hosting company

Types of web hosting

First, you need to get started with the types of web hosting available you want to provide. There are different types of web hosting available in the market. This might differ from shared web hosting to dedicated web server hosting. You must classify the products, which you have information about and then determine the assortment of products, you can control.

Determine plans or packages

The next thing you need to do is to make a decision on plans and rates for your web hosting services. For this, you can start with a research work, in which you can figure out your rivals that what rates and services they are offering. Select plans and rates that will be cutthroat in the industry, but maintain your rates reasonable for both your customers and your company.

Get an affordable ISP

The internet service provider plays an essential role, while getting started with a web hosting business. Bandwidth is one of the major factors you need to consider. You must decide on this factor at the central part of any hosting business. Due to it, you must fix an internet service provider, who can offer you a bandwidth at an affordable rate with service level accords of 99.99 percent uptime with Internet protocol pools.

Look for investment in influence

Your website hosting accounts will need to be online for 24×7. For this, it is important to have greater series of power utilization. You must imagine how you will remain these accounts in a live status, even in emergency cases. With these factors in your mind, power must be an essential part of your venture.

Decide on your bandwidth purchases

Purchasing bandwidth has an essential role in the business approach. It is because it will permit you in deciding on your sale methods, as this is the most essential resource in the web hosting business. Just for a start, you can buy 10 Mbps bandwidth, which will permit you handle about 1000 virtual private server accounts. Therefore, you need to settle on the entire budgeting, which depends on your bandwidth.

Other than these factors, there are some other things; you must take into account such as hardware purchases, licensing purchases, support team costs and a lot more. Proper planning is a key factor to have a successful web hosting business.

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